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What to Do If You Miss Your Connecting Flight?


Save big by taking a connecting flight for your travel. The flights which have more than one stop in between are cheaper compared to the direct flights. Just increase the volume of stops and decrease the price of the ticket. However, taking a long route and having multiple stops in between can be tiring, and sometimes, due to the issue of timing, you may miss your flight. If this happens to you, do not worry; there are certain clauses that allow passengers to rebook their flight.

What Can I Do If My Connecting Flight Is Missed?

Looking for options after missing your connecting flight? As per the airline's policy, it is the passengers' duty to reach the airport on time to catch their scheduled flight. However, passengers missing a connecting flight can do several things at the airport to cover or save themselves from any loss that may occur. Read the points below and know your options:

Look for the Alternative Flight

Travelers who had to miss the flight due to the airline's timing issue can rebook their cheap flight tickets to the next available flight to the same destination without paying an extra fee for the ticket. It is the airline’s responsibility to arrange a flight for you.

Check if you are available for Compensation

The passengers have booked their travel with a single airline traveling through multiple destinations. Here, it is the airline’s responsibility to cover all the destinations within a limited time so that you can easily catch your next flight. But if your airline is delayed, you may miss your flight. You can be eligible for Flight Delay Compensation. Immediately connect with an agent of the airline and discuss your concern. Check out their rules and regulations to find out if you are eligible for compensation. There is a high chance that you will get compensation for the flight delay.

Get to the Help Desk

Any passenger who fails to board the connecting flight is advised to go to the respective airline’s help desk. Their agent will help the passengers by giving them options for the next available flights. Book your flight with the help of the agent in minutes and reach your destination. Also, if you want to know whether you are eligible for a refund, the agent can better guide you.

What If Passengers Arrive Late And Miss The Connecting Flight?

The passenger must reach the airport on time to complete the check-in before boarding the flight. Thus, if a passenger is taking a connecting flight, it is advised to keep a gap of certain hours between the flights that gives them enough time to reach and complete all the pre-boarding formalities. If the passenger fails to do this, the airline will stop for any passenger, and under the no-show policy, the whole ticket amount will be forfeited. Passengers will not remain eligible for a refund or compensation.

How Can I Save Money On A Missed Flight?

However, connecting flights are a great way to travel within a limited budget. However, looking at the other side of the coin, flights can be late, and due to this, one may have to miss their connecting flight. The best you can do is take a refundable ticket and if you feel that it is hard to reach the airport on time to catch the flight. Apply for Last minute flight cancellation from your airline before the flight departs. The airline will cancel your booking, and under the cancellation policy, your entire amount will be refunded within seven business days.

How Can I Apply For Compensation If I Miss A Connecting Flight?

If the flight is running late, you have to miss your scheduled connecting flight. You are eligible to apply for compensation. Follow the steps below and make a request for compensation:

  • Visit the official web page of the respective airlines.
  • Scroll to the foot of the page and click on the “Help Center” option.
  • Select the ‘Claim Compensation’ option and get a form on the next page.
  • Select Misses Connecting Flight in the reason for the compensation.
  • Please proceed to fill out the form, mentioning the details of your missed flight and providing your personal information such as name, age, sex, etc.
  • Explain your case in the comment box, attach the related files, and submit the form.
  • Now, relax and leave the page.

The airline will review your request and proceed with the compensation to your bank account. 

How Can I Find A Cheap Flight Deal?

Flights with multiple stops often come at a lower cost than direct flights. However, this may not be a favorable option for everyone, as it takes a long time to cover the route. Taking a direct flight is a good option to save time and effort, but here, you have to pay more. Direct flights are expensive. Do not worry; by selecting the correct timings of the flight and using the right strategies at LowTickets, you can grab the best available flight deals. Here are some of the options that are mentioned below to book a cheap flight:

  • Make Your Reservation in Advance: Passengers are advised to hurry up to book their tickets. Once the seats start to fill, the prices of the flight tickets will also rise. It is a well-known fact that airlines raise the price of their tickets due to high demand at the last minute.
  • Compare Price: The prices of different airlines do not match one another, even for the same destination. This is due to the difference in demand and quality of inflight services. So, if you are willing to compromise a little with the services, you can secure a cheap flight. These flights are favorable for covering short-haul routes.
  • Price Alert: Set the price alert and get a notification of cheap flight deals from the airline every time the price drops. Book your flight at the best price available.


Do not miss your connecting flight by keeping the maximum possible gap between the two flights. But if you still miss it for some reason, there are still things you can do to ensure you are not at a loss. Refer to the context above to learn about your options.

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