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How to check flight details with PNR?


The status of your flight with PNR can be easily checked by calling the airline's customer service at +1-800-984-7414 or visiting their official website. Entering your booking reference ID on the website will allow you to check the status of your flight. Verifying the status of your PNR allows you to ensure that your reservation has been processed and that your seat on the aircraft has been confirmed.

What Is The Compensation For Delay In Flight?

When a flight is canceled or delayed by three hours or longer, airlines are required to compensate passengers for the inconvenience, even if the disruption was caused by something other than a safety issue and was communicated to you at least 14 days in advance.

Two considerations determine the amount of compensation: the flight's distance and the number of hours it was delayed.

  • $400 if the traveler is delayed by three hours or more, but not by more than six.
  • $700 in the instance that the traveler arrives more than six hours but less than nine hours late.
  • $1,000 if the traveler is delayed by nine hours or longer.

Large airlines still have the option to offer you $400 if you choose a refund rather than a new reservation.

You have a year to submit an official claim for flight delay compensation to the airline. The airline has thirty days to respond, either by paying you or by explaining why it disagrees that you should be compensated.

With the help of lowtickets, You can also get in touch with us in many ways. Our customer care executives of our organization provide you the best solutions quickly and also provide you discounts in addition to vital instructions and information. Call us at +1-800-984-7414 and get assistance 24/7.

What Is The Last-Minute Flight Cancellation Policy?

There are rules and regulations that must be followed when you have to cancel a flight ticket at the last minute. For your information, below is the last minute flight cancellation policy; review it to avoid any problems.

  • In the unlikely circumstance that you must cancel at the last minute, be sure to check your fare terms. Bookings that are refundable can be canceled at any time before departure for a charge. Moreover, the reimbursement you receive is less than the cancellation fees.
  • If you have non-refundable tickets, you can cancel at any time without receiving a refund; instead, depending on the flight you are taking, you may receive travel credit or e-vouchers.
  • If your flight is canceled at the last minute, you will always be responsible for paying a significant cancellation fee.

 If you have a medical emergency and must cancel, the airline will not charge you a cancellation fee Call us at +1-800-984-7414 and get assistance 24/7. However, you still need to provide the relevant records to back up your claim.

How Can I Check My Flight Status?

The following are the steps to quickly and simply check the Flight Status Online:

  • Visit the official website of the airline to get started, then log in using your account credentials.
  • Select 'Flight Status' after logging in, then input the flight number, departure and arrival cities, and travel date.
  • After that, the site will display the status of your flight.
  • In the event that the flight is canceled or delayed, the airlines will advise you on how to rebook or receive a refund.

Additionally, you can check the status of your flight by using the mobile app or placing a call to customer support. With the app, you may monitor the status of your flights on your mobile device, follow your next travel schedule, and check in for flights. How Can I Check My Flight Status? You can quickly and simply check the status of your flight using these techniques.

What Is The Refund Policy On The Flight Cancellation?

Travelers will be entitled to a refund if they are able to properly cancel their reservation on the airline's official website. Contact us on lowtickets or you can also call +1-800-984-7414 The key points on the flight ticket cancellation refund are listed below:

  • After the reservation is canceled, the refund amount will be shown; however, it will be transferred within 7 to 10 business days.
  • The bank account that the passenger used to pay for their airline ticket will get the refund straight away.
  • In accordance with the policy, non-refundable ticket holders are also entitled to a refund; however, the reimbursement will be applied to future travel credits that can be used to buy tickets for other flights.

Travelers are entitled to a complete flight ticket cancellation refund if they cancel their reservation within 24 hours of purchasing their air ticket.


For stress-free travel, it is imperative that you keep an eye on the status of your flight . Embracing the convenience of contemporary technologies allows you to plan your travels with assurance. For those requiring immediate assistance, customer care can be reached at +1-800-984-7414 for US clients.

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