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Travel from New York to Los Angeles

The "City of the Angels," also referred to as Los Angeles, has the perfect balance of artificial and natural beauty. With gorgeous beaches and woodlands on one side and exhilarating amusement parks and shopping areas on the other, there is a lot to see and do here.

You can decide to go to Hollywood to see your favorite celebrities or visit Venice Beach with your significant other. For art lovers, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which has a distinctive collection of modern and contemporary art, is a must-visit location.

Some Information on JFK and LAX Airport

JFK: It is New York City's primary international airport. The airport, which handled almost 62.5 million passengers in 2019, is the busiest of the six airports in the New York airport system and the busiest international air passenger gateway into North America. It is also the 20th busiest airport in the world. There are direct or nonstop flights from the airport operated by more than 90 airlines to destinations on each of the six inhabited continents.

LAX: Los Angeles Airport, also known as LAX Airport, is the main international airport servicing the state of California, the Greater Los Angeles Area, and the city of Los Angeles.

The airport is located southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, 12 miles (30 kilometers) away. With four parallel runways and 3,500 acres (1,416 hectares) of growth, LAX, the largest international airport on the west coast, is noteworthy.

What day of the week is ideal for making travel plans?

You can fly for less if you have the appropriate mindset and are adaptable. The cheapest days to fly are listed below:

 Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers a wide variety of sights and activities, making it challenging to see and do everything while there. But while you're there, you should plan to see a few must-see places.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is it via flight to get from NewYork to Los Angeles?

The flight distance between New York and Los Angeles is 3956 km.

What is the duration of the flight from New York to Los Angeles?

New York to Los Angeles takes 6 hours and 11 minutes by flight.

Which airlines provide flights between New York and Los Angeles?

Some major airlines that offer nonstop flights from New York to Los Angeles are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air France, JetBlue Airways, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.

What is the typical flight price between New York and Los Angeles?

The typical flight from New York to  Los Angeles can cost between $472 and $725. Typically, making early reservations will help you get the most affordable flights. One of the most reliable strategies to get cheap flights is to book in advance.

When is the most affordable time to travel to Los Angeles?

The cheapest period to travel by air from New York to Los Angeles are - January, February &  September.

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