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Do Airlines Charge a Fee for Changing the Name on a Flight?


Do Airlines Charge a Fee for Changing the Name?

Ensure that you have the correct name on the ticket, or it may create a problem for you later. The passenger's name on the flight ticket must match their passport or other government IDs. However, sometimes, due to a typing error, computer error, or human mistake, the name displayed on the ticket may not match the governmental ID. However, there is nothing to worry about, as you just have to pay the relevant charges and rectify your mistake.  Continue to read and learn the charges and policies related to name change.

What are the charges for the name change? 

Humans can make mistakes, and they are expected to make them. But some mistakes cannot be tolerated. If the name on your ticket does not match the passport, the airline may not allow you to board the flight. But do not worry; you can change the name before you head to board the flight. Just pay the charges and share the suggested documents. The charges are not certain and differ from airline to airline. You may have to pay approximately $100 to $300 in order to request a name change with the airline. If you want to get the exact figure, you are advised to talk to an agent from your respective airline. 

What are the policies for name change? 

The moment the airline notices that the name does not match the passport or government ID, they will be separated and may have to undergo a complete screening. Sometimes, the airline may make you miss the flight. To avoid any of this happening, make sure to change the name on your existing ticket before you head to board the flight. However, you must read the airline's name change policy before you apply for a name change. The points below indicate some important policies for airline name change: 

  • The passengers can change a maximum of three characters in the name. 
  • There is no limit, and passengers can apply to change their name as many times as they want, but they will have to pay the charges every time. 
  • Passengers who rectify the spelling In their names within 24 hours of booking will not be charged. 
  • If they exceed the time limit of 24 hours, they will have to pay a price to modify the existing ticket, including a name change.  
  • The passenger can make a change in their first, middle, and last name. However, they are not required to mention their middle name on the ticket. 
  • The airline does not allow the passenger to change the complete name. 
  • The ticket cannot be transferred to another passenger through a name change.
  • The passenger must be the same even after the name change. 
  • The airline will permit the passenger to change the last name if there is a legal reason, like marriage or divorce. They must attach a legal document for proof. 
  • The name will change according to the government documents. 

How to apply for the name change? 

Have you made a mistake while typing your name? Whatever the case was, now you should focus on correcting your mistakes, and it can be done easily. Here is the procedure to change the name: 

  • Visit the official site of the respective airline. 
  • Find the “Manage my Booking” option at the top of the page. 
  • To get the details of your booking, enter the last name of the passenger along with the booking reference code and tap on continue.
  • Now, move to the menu section and click on the ‘Name Change’ option.
  • On the next page, you will get a name change form.
  • Complete the form mentioning the details of your flight, name, sex, age, and PNR number. 
  • Scroll down, mention the correct name, and attach a government document with the correct name for the proof. 
  • Now, you will have to make the payment and submit the form. 

Your request is under review, and the airline will match the details you have submitted. If they find everything is correct and as per the policy, they will cancel your last ticket and issue you a new ticket with your correct name. 

Can I request a name change over the phone? 

Not everyone is familiar with the technology, and some may require assistance to change their name on the ticket. If you have Air Ticket Booking, you can seek help and service over the phone. However, they may charge you a service fee if you ask for any service on the call, including the name change. Follow the steps below: 

  • Dial the number of your respective airline and connect the call. 
  • Follow the IVR and reach out to the name change department. 
  • Wait for a person to join on the phone and share your concerns. 
  • Follow the instructions, share your document, and pay the charges. 

The agent will complete the formalities, send you a new ticket, and cancel the previous one.  


A small mistake in the name of a flight ticket can take a picture of a blunder. Avoid any of that by getting help from the texts above and changing your name in the meantime.

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